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A Hammock for Your Car Gives You a Cheap Home If the Apocalypse Ever Comes

If the social breakdown to some extent in the next four years, even after you plan a low cost road trip, this beautiful car hammock takes you to ride to a comfortable place to sleep so you do not have to resort to a night Insulated tents, or abandoned factories at the end of the world.

Sleeping in your car is usually showing that you have fallen into a situation that is beyond redemption, but many people are on their own way of life, driving from the state truck full of home comfort. But if you do not have a $ 100,000 fight against a compact car but no place to live?

This is the $ 64 car hammock can come in handy. The installation takes about five minutes and can be hidden in your torso should you decide you need to rest.

Do you really intend to use this criss-crossing country for a few months as part of a cheap road trip, or improvised resettlement of your entire life with the collapse of society? Maybe not, but also know! At least, the future Four years will provide an interesting test case.