Play it safe with food while camping

Play it safe with food while camping

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As the season began to change again, I found me camping with Boy Scouts. When I say camping, I mean there is no electricity in the remote place, no campers.

Nutritionist and scout leader, I found myself being challenged, it was easy to bring what and how to keep the food we did indeed, to prepare for the safety of the weekend. I mentioned some guidelines issued by the Nutrition and Nutrition Institute.

The first is to keep the cold food hot and cold. So take enough ice to use a good cooler and wrap more room-temperature-type food with the whole weekend is our plan.

Cold food needs to remain below 40 degrees. Do not be too hard when you have a temperature control refrigerator in the country, but the ice chest is slightly more challenging.

Consider the food to freeze and then eat the food that must be kept cold. Consider the packaging items do not need to keep refrigerated the next day or up – the project dry meat, fresh fruit and vegetables. When cooking, make sure the food is cooked at the proper temperature.

Do not forget to wash. Go before you wash your cooking equipment and store it in a closed container.

Wash your food before you go, in order to reserve water while at the same time on your trip. Be sure to wash your hands before cooking. Bacteria are easy to carry our hands, and if we eat something that does not need to be cooked, we can easily spread the bacteria.

Keep your drinking water safe. If your luxury car is close to your campsite, plenty of safe drinking water. From the natural, if you want to make your water must boil water to kill the microbes.

The water is heated to boiling, so that the water boils for at least a minute. If you are at a higher height.

Another option is water purification pills or a combination of filters or both as a tablet computer may not get all the parasites and bacteria.

Remember to have fun, but play safe. If you can prepare some food in advance to reduce the risk of foodborne illness, consider doing so. No one wants to get sick and ruined their camping trip.

Elizabeth Somfeld is the weight loss coordinator de-tar Jackson County Hospital’s medical system and nutrition manager.