25 Best Campgrounds Within Two Hours of Philadelphia PA

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Urban Philly has a lot to love … after all … it is the City of Brotherly Love. Yet as good as Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches are, sometimes you and your family just need a s’mores fix. When that craving takes over, it’s time to find yourself one of the 25 best campgrounds within two hours of Philadelphia.

Find a location on the map that tweaks your interest. Then check out the website. Call ahead, make your reservation, pack up the camping gear and get out of Dodge … or make that Philly.

Of course, this guide to the 25 best campgrounds within two hours of Philadelphia can also be as useful for heading in as it is for heading out. Don’t get it? Let us explain. The city of Philadelphia is a cradle of American history and liberty. It’s a city and a region of the country everyone should have the chance to explore, learn, and come to cherish. As far as the America we love – this is pretty much where it all started.

So it makes a whole bunch of sense that family campers would want to head to Philly to see and explore it, while at the same time enjoy their Number One pastime of camping.

Many of the destinations on this map make it entirely possible to pitch a tent or park a travel trailer, set up camp, and then easily venture back toward town for historic day trips. You can even centrally locate your campsite to take in the sights and attractions of Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Hershey, and Amish Country. How great would that be?

Looking for great campgrounds within two hours of Philadelphia, you need to think outside the box … meaning outside the state lines. There are great camping opportunities in New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland, too. Many of these show up in this listing of 25 best campgrounds within two hours of Philadelphia. When you’re seeking solitude, New Jersey seldom springs to front of mind, but the Wharton State Forest offers some terrific hike-canoe-or-horseback-in-only opportunities to get away from it all not too far from home.